Ferret Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

i am one person,a guitar and some cookie tins. that is ferret.
a buncha super duper low quality greatness.

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Track Name: Helpless tongues demo
patience brings everything
to a boil then it sings
a humble tune, it belts it out to you
we've run out, of colored ink
end it now, with a fork in a sink
to which you came, oh you came from nothing

it was all a dream to me x4

(me yelling alright down the stairs to my mom)

growing old, when we're young
catching fires in our lungs
that never breathe, helpless tongues that need to feed
paralysed but i wanna dance
to ensembles from a glance
they play their tunes, melodies were made for two

it was all a dream to me
Track Name: Everything's Trash
all i do is sit
shit and eat inside my room
getting fat getting fat
there's just nothing else to do
cause my life has turned to shit
can't say it enough
it enough, that's enough
why is everything so rough
on mee, on mee
all i do is cry and
lie about everything
everything just sucks
and i can't even sing
in peace, cause my father
is a peice of shit
he's a bipolar psycho
and the biggest prick
i knoww,i knoww
i love someone,but all we do is fight
i don't see them anymore,cause i was never right
now i'm trapped in a pit,i've grown inside of it
but i'm not grown,and i'll always be
yes i have a job
but it doesn't pay enough
to support my habbits
i'm high and wanna get drunk
oh by myself, by myself by myself
cause my friends all suck
and i have no one else
i have these scars on my face
on my face, i have acne and it started
in the 5th grade
oh i break all my teeth
and i have a gap
but i'm poor, can't afford
to fix any of
that crap, that crap
i'm living a life
barely living at all
and i don't deserve
to be treated like a wall
but i am, and i wish
i wish all the time, for a new family, in a happier time
i thought all of it,would've made me strong
yes it did, for a while but it didn't last long
oh 18 years and i started to collapse
it took me this long to realize that
everything's trash, everything's trash
Track Name: Shrivled Up,and Spiraling
you were lost inside a spring of nothing
the air was all you yearned for, looked for
till the water came to freeze the flowers
your lungs collapse from all the water
that I lacked
the trees
drank it all
from me

lets drink the sea
then die from, drying weeds just ripping at your feet
let it bury me
i'll find you, drowning with me, hopefully we'll meet

you were found under the sand i gave you
your hands were filled with tears of laughter
shrivled up, and spiraling, towards me
i will grant you anything but
having me
i saw
we were dying
all along

crawl into me
then die from, rotting peices tearing you to shreds
let it carry me
i'll lose you, from the side of me inside your head
i'll get some sleep
and dream of, frozen flowers thawing in your head
now, the springs, so clean
i've lost you from yourself now youre lost in me
Track Name: Twisted Ties clip
skinning up a moose
won't fill voids in me
voids so deep
eyes just look around
in this fog
i want to choose
to take part, in this
war in me
try to walk along
in this fog

(lower part)
tie me up, twisted ties, bind my feet
little old ladies die, in their seat
round em up, till they cry, from the heat
my mouth is sewn dry, so i can't eat

(higher part)
rope me up
make, no mistake, please don't
cut me down
rake, up my limbs, please don't
drink me out
i need this blood, to fuel me
Track Name: Yellow Fish demo
she was way too wide, what a site
just blocking up the stairs
so i turned back around back walkin down
tell them all, turn around she's comin down
she went flat, on her belly
sliding down all scared
so i grabbed everyone, told em to run
she had fun, all the fun, till it was done

headstand, i feel it
in my hand, filled with jelly
oh man, can't hold her
any more
she passed us, laughed at her
up the stairs, he found me
listen to your parents, when your bored

he had fear, in his eyes
said your parents cried all night
so then i walked through the door walked
walkin in, there they were shedding tears and hugging it
it was dead, they said, my cat was stuck in a
place where they couldn't reach, oh my god
whats going on, shes a fish, yellow fish
she's almost gone

lifeless, i feel it
in my hand, filled with nothing
oh man, i held her
to the floor
i dipped it, in water,
her mouth soon fell off
her spirit, was breathing, no more

so i wait, saw the body move
in my tank, yellow fish, food
had no mouth, it was rotting out

then i heard, a meow
that yellow fish turned into my cat it was so
weird, how did she take back her life
back her life, is so precious, it feels right

now we're happy, i feel it
in my heart, we were dead
oh man, listening, for more
i squeezed it, for water
i was thirsty and tired
you stopped me, from eating, that bad bad yellow fish, that yellow fish
Track Name: Owls and Herons
the all-seeing possessed us
overcame intuition, helped us see
and hear, that which others can never
we can penetrate darkness, with our abilites
open my heart, and utilize my energy to breathe
in so deep
my energy, will guide us and teach
us the way of dreams, of dreams

illumination's.. a whore
and clarity was fucked once more
wake me up no more, no more
dying can be sore

sleep, underneath broken sidewalks
where out feet tend to get lost
into a concrete sea
colors, meditate on horizons
where my wings will be broken
stomped on by your two feet
wisdom traps all
the lonely paths i walk upon the earth
being alone, regardless of your company
can't see, can't be

illumination's, a whore
and clarity was fucked once more
bodies roll into, the earth
and dying can control our hurt