Ferret Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

i am one person,a guitar and some cookie tins. that is ferret.
a buncha super duper low quality greatness.

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Track Name: Blanket
Now i'm contemplating, segregating
me from all emaculating, slow burning disipating(sp?)
cigarettes and mothers waiting for, the next
hesitated guess, towards their childs whereabouts
they're not home yet,

crumbling carcass of a kitten on my carpet,
crawling, catching, hatching i'm reacting
fast from the past, second best, to the rest
i'll take a hatchet, melt it down, burn it in the ashes

it flashed from above, signaling a dove to fly downward
spiraling to an abyss of cut flowers
smelling of the desert theres the sound of your father
calling for your presence, but you don't bother

ventilate your sinuses all over the heinesses
that get waited on, busted on all over their new cabinets
fish-in-net strugglin', bear-in-trap wrestling
without a doubt, let em' out, hear all the birds sing

melodies extremodies infected bended ovaries
chronic lying schizophrenic panicking, overly worried
in a hurry, trying to scurry through the flurry's
to a hospital waiting room waitin to see his son soon

Where he lies (waitin' to see his son soon) x4

These forces grabbin hold of you and me and all your family have achey wrists, swollen lips, battered down in ecstasy, right next to me here you see theres a little girl singin so happily la-layin on her blanket, sayin please take it, as a gift for the mrs. blister for the mr.
i'm a lover for my brother, A-lister for my sisters
we stumble towards the sun, holdin out our guns high
screamin "god help us" pull the trigger and die.

All my life (pull the trigger then die) x4
Track Name: Immortal Butterflies (ft. M83 Sample)
Towards the sun
your heads will turn (towards the sun)
eyebrows will burn
and temperatures will rise

Across the moon
craters will return (across the moon)
the curious will learn
to dream, of frozen butterflies

Reckless and slow-minded
Playing in the trees

There's nothing to be valued
Destroying everything

And soon we'll die
we'll turn into the leaves (and soon they'll die too)
though careless we may seem
we die to try and live again

Lost in the marsh
a swamp to call your name (lost in the marsh)
Immortal you became