by Ferret

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released November 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Ferret Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

i am one person,a guitar and some cookie tins. that is ferret.
a buncha super duper low quality greatness.

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Track Name: Sour Apple
i just wanna travel
to those desert lands
where the monkeys gather
holding onto my hands
they can't do what we can

they were welcoming
swaying while they sing
it's not nothin to shine over
it's not special to me
it's not special to me

i just wanna mingle
with those monkey hands
those people that travel
dying in deserted lands
cuz we chopped off their hands

i'm a sour apple
and your too ripe for me
but you're not what i'm after
you're too much for me
that damn monkey

i am welcoming
anything you sing
you're all that i shine for
you're the special-est thing
you're special to me

you are pushing things
that you shouldn't push on me
i'm not nothin to shine for
it's not nothin to you
it's not special for me m
Track Name: A Pair of Site (finished)
wearing me down, down like this
you looked a lot like me
when you were
here in my head, parasite
take your time
eating whats mine.
please, have a bite

taking the back road, you hate me
forward beyond those,
building a new road,
jumping off a boat, and floating

leave me be, please oh please
cause the darkness protects me
cause you trained me
like the hell you've seen
but i can't yell louder
than any forest screams
if we play around here
we'll dry up every stream

going home, home again
back to the life i live
back to when
i was a blend, of your youth
inside of your womb
mother help me mother help me, leave you soon

taking the back road, you hate me
forward beyond those, politely
building a new road,
regretting jumping off a boat
and floating

leave me here, won't you dear
can you please, come protect me
from these drawings, screaming hellish things
but you have to yell louder
than all the people scream
if we spiral downward
i'll tell you what this means
Track Name: Toxic Skunks
look around what do you see?
prickly little fingers haunting your dreams
drowning out my screams, what those people
did to me i don't know, i couldn't see
i wish it all was a dream, i don't remember
was i the fool? no oh oh
you're the one taking me away from everyone
did i play it cool, yes i was, so naive
to think that i'm invincible to all
i'd lay around, thinking bout, my grave
belive me i'm one strike from underground

but maybe, i wasn't afraid
i thought i was doing great

wasted away? yes i was
a drunken skunk
i never thought i'd see the day
lifeless little feet come
back to me, help me walk
amongst other lives, because mine ran away
am i ashamed? no oh oh
i won't complain
embarassment and me are both the same
2 strikes down, down the drain
thrown away, because of all the games
i like to play

what if, they were too late
i thought i was doing great
i somehow found my way
around new york like a stray

those were the worste times i've had
all alone, thinking oh my god i'm left for dead
i'm so shocked, my own body
helped alot, adrenaline was more than enough
all strung out, stressed to tears

fight the water vanish all your fears
what a way, to restart
another year, oh my god what shitty luck
i braught, what a trip it could've been
i havelearned for i have sinned
right now, it still hurts
realizing i was meant to fall
in the depths of it all
even if i try to be
everything i had agreed
it's not fair to pity me
i wish it all was just a dream
Track Name: Blanket (Manfred and Goliath RE-DO)
now i'm contemplating segregating me
from all emaculating slow burning disipating
cigarettes and mothers waiting for the next
hesitated guess, towards their childs whereabouts
they're not home yet

crumbling carcass of a kitten on my carpet
crawling catching hatching i'm reacting
fast fromt he past
second best to the rest
i'll take a hatchet melt it down
burn it in the ashes

it flashed from above, signaling a dove to fly
downward spiraling to an abyss of cut flowers
smelling of the desert there's the sound of your father
calling for your presence, but you don't bother

ventilate your sinus's all over the heinesses
that get waited on, busted on all over their new cabinets
fish-in-net, struggling, bear-in-trap, wrestling
without a doubt, let em out, hear all the birds sing

melodies, extremodies, infected bended ovaries
chronic lying schizophrenic panicking,
overly worried in a hurry trying to scurry through the flurrys
to a hospital waiting room waiting to see his son soon

where he lies

these forces grabbing hold of you and me and all your family
have achey wrists, swollen lips, battered down in ecstasy
right next to me here you see there's a little girl singing so happily
la-layin on her blanket, saying please take it
as a gift for the mrs.
blister for the mr.
i'm a lover for my brother
an a lister for my sisters
we stumble towards the sun, holdin out our guns high
screaming god help us, pull the trigger and die

all my life