Learning How To Sew

by Ferret

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released September 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Ferret Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

i am one person,a guitar and some cookie tins. that is ferret.
a buncha super duper low quality greatness.

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Track Name: Toothpick (FINISHED- sweet relish)
I want the answers to the back of your head
I can't figure you out
wish I understood what you said
but the sound of your voice hurts like
little toothpicks stabbing into my crown
I can't hear the sound anymore

you're all I had
you're all I had

I have every right to run
but where will I go? where will I go?
i'll complain until I'm done
I can't stop
I can't rest
I don't think I'm having fun
but I hear you laugh, I hear you laugh
I have every right to run
lost my sense of direction

you're all I had
you're all I had
you're all I had
you're all I had
Track Name: Filthy Hat (from Jellyfish - 2nd version)
breathing stops so easily, i know
when my head is squeezing on my throat
kneeling before your heiness is what she planned
i guess fornow we'll whine about what we can

leave us, chokin
rolling around, on the ground on the ground
you'll whisper the spoken
words from mouth, falling out

(leave us for the waste
darkening at high pace
light blocked from the sheet
covering our black feet
we will wash our garments
and play pretend just like
we were asked

there we could lay down in a cross walk
looking at the sun now
and thinking how it left me
in a place i can't escape from
i would meet you in the same spot
listening to you talk
thinking of that one time
of that place i can't escape from

(i was wearing a filthy hat
because it takes my mind
far away from head
and i need that sometimes
you are my filthy hat.
you'd be wearing a filthy hat
because it takes your mind'
far away from head
and you need me sometimes
i'm a filthy hat)
Track Name: Brain Stem
I just want this, and I need it
I'm done with what I've missed
I can see that I don't like them
they're gone
and left a sharp knife lodged in my brain stem
don't know why I wanted you back,
and I'm so sweet in my head, yea
so why do I think I'm bad?

I'm sorting my head now
I just need to get out
I'm stronger than ever
but I can't stay here forever

try to break this off cause I'm sick
and you're a thriving bitch
I don't mean that, still don't mean that
I'm just hurt
I've had a pain that I haven't fixed yet
but I'm still holding my breath, yea
I'm sorry for nothing
cause I tend to do best

lost weight in my head, yea
emptied ink from a pen, and I'm
too stubborn and damned
till someone lent me a hand
Track Name: 3 (demo-not finished)
i've lost my way
early yesterday
but it feels sometimes
like 3 years in my mind

such a long way
so much hasn't changed
it's the right time
but the wrong way

i've gone away
cuz you went away
all the things you did
everything you'll say

u say the wrong things
do u like me
did u lie to me
can u cut off my strings

i've lost my head
n it feels different
help me find out where
it's gone it's way out there

lets untie these strings
let me talk to you
i don't hide things
i don't lie to you...
i don't like to

I've lost my way
early yesterday
but it feels sometimes
like 3 years in my mind
Track Name: reset (new rough idea)
found myself at rest, depleted once again
I've built me a nest
but it's still not my best, not the best

but I don't want to go and I don't think they know
that I've been forced to test myself once again
put me to the test

I don't need to guess
I know this, I know myself
I can't believe in this
I resist, I resist
I swallow it and walk, away. from it all
and if I can't pass the test
I reset, I reset
I reset myself

found myself at best
filled up my whole chest with what I can't grasp
but I still try to get all of it

I really want to go but I don't think they know
I chose one more test
they won't see me again, I won't see you again